Dedicated Consulting for Mergers and Acquisitions 

In the corporate world, sometimes the best move for a company is to merge with another entity for mutual benefit or to sell outright. Though both options may at first seem to be daunting challenges, M&A Consulting, Inc. can assure you that entering any deal of this scale equipped with the right knowledge and a sturdy plan will ensure a positive outcome for all parties involved. Sharing our vast wealth of information, knowledge, and experience with companies considering acquiringmerging or selling a company or other enterprise is the cornerstone of our strategy for certainty of execution. Our expert team of dedicated merger and acquisition consultants will provide you with all of the industry specific knowledge you will need, help to create a well structured plan for you and your company to follow throughout the entire process, as well as stand by to assist and advise until the deal is closed. 



A merger is a deal that calls for the fusion of two companies to form a new, single entity for mutual gain. Our merger experts use down-to-the-minute industry knowledge in combination with vast experience in deals of this variety to provide invaluable service to the entities involved in the deal. 

buy-side Acquisition

When a company purchases the controlling interest of another company and establishes itself as the new owner, this is referred to as an acquisition. No matter the reason behind an acquisition, our team of M&A advisors has the knowledge and expertise to perform all necessary due diligence to ensure you come out on top with the best execution and purchase price.

sell-side acquisition

The Sell-side of an acquisition is the company being purchased in a deal. Strategically, this position requires extensive research and negotiation in order to broker a deal that the seller can be content with. At M&A Consulting, we pride ourselves in the strength of our sell side team. We manage the entire process to ensure you got top dollar for your sale.   

Full Service Provided by M&A Industry Experts

M&A.Consulting, Inc specializes in advising businesses through the process of mergers, buy-side acquisition, or sell-side acquisition. Our Mergers and Acquisition professionals are standing by to provide their invaluable wealth of knowledge and experience in combination with down to the minute industry specific market insights. Rest assured that our team takes pride in our stress free methodology, making sure that every closed deal is a win for all parties involved. Please note that our services begin before a deal is presented, and extend well after it is closed. Client success is our number one priority. Our extensive list of services is as follows.


M&A Services


  • Market evaluation and analysis

  • Review of relevant markets

  • Strategically selecting targets based on agree upon objectives

  • Pre-deal advisory and deal drafting/introduction


  • Analyze possible future market trends in order to accurately forecast how market changes may impact the deal

  • Undertake and provide extensive research before any transactions are initiated

  • Rigorously review all pertinent documentation and information pertaining to all parties involved

  • Provide variable-friendly risk/reward assessment

  • Work behind the scenes to enable the company to continue running as efficiently as possible during this phase

joint ventures and alliances

  • In depth evaluation and selection research

  • Give continuous strategic support and advice in order to foster an agreement.

  • Model and explain various deal terms and the effects they will have

  • Identify and remedy any weak links in an alliance, providing new terms as necessary

  • Remain available to identify and explore possible future allies


  • Construct detailed financial reports and models to accurately quantify and portray a company's value

  • Evaluate valuation over time

Merger Integration

  • Create multi-point short term strategy

  • Supervise process of all integration points

  • Continuously consult with management on succeeding with short term goals

  • Initiate post deal strategies

    • Identify and pursue short term opportunities

    • Highlight areas where cost reduction is a possibility

    • Establish a working timeline that coincides with a detailed plan of action

Enhancing Value

  • Prioritize business initiatives and highlight long term growth

  • Research expansion opportunities to increase sales margins

  • Constructively audit management and operations to identify areas in need of performance improvement

  • Put any cost reduction practices into action where needed

Dispute and Litigation Support

  • Evaluate and Assess Current state of the market

  • Reanalyze financial and valuation reports

  • Provide support and testimony from expert level professionals.

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